What is Cre8 Wellbeing Yoga?

What is Cre8 Wellbeing Yoga?

Cre8 Wellbeing is a not-for-profit limited company developed to benefit our community in and around Newtown Mid Wales by my guiding yoga, breathwork and meditation/mindful movement classes in a community based disability setting. This includes supported chair yoga classes. 

All ages and abilities are welcome.

If you want a strong healthy body you must connect with it fully with your, thoughts, intentions and your actions. 

My classes are focused on cre8ing positive mind-body connections lost from living in the headspace, on our screens, phones and computers.

This lost connection increases anxiety and fear and impacts the individual and all who come into contact with them lowering vibration.  

Cre8ing a strong body free from DIS-EASE starts with your beliefs about yourself and the thoughts cre8ed as a result of these beliefs. I use decades of training and scientifically proven state of the art change work to guide you in every aspect of your life. 

My style of Yoga is one that incorporates your mind, body and Soul. 

You will attend to find peace, relax and treat your body to some gentle stretching of the fascia, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and joints thereby aligning and releasing aches, pains, and the stiffness you created by just daily living, sitting, poor posture, unconscious moving and lifting. 

Your SUPRISE will magnify exponentially when you also realise you will counter the aging process of the body and the mind. And the new stillness you cre8 centres, grounds and allows you to tap into your intuition, unconscious mind and Higher Self. Awakening you to a new reality. 

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