What is Quantum Energy Healing

What is Quantum Energy Healing

Experts in the laws of this world and UNIVERSE now conclude we are all Vibrating Energy. We are made up of Frequency (or Karmic energy) and emitting Vibrations magnetising our realities in all the moments that make up our life.  

How we vibrate in any of our moments is what we manifest into our lives. 

The only real evolution in our natural STATE of being is created from the inside out. Nothing externally will resolve or change the world you manifest. 

You either manifest more problems into your life with fear, shame, guilt, anger ect. or more love and peace by vibrating in these higher states. 

Because of the way we are all programmed the emotions we reject and emotional echo's of old trauma's and limiting belief that we maintain inside, result in our vibrating in lower frequency in our moments. This is why you may keep repeating old behavioural patterns because of your unconscious programming and getting the same manifested results. What we hold onto unconsciously we cre8 outside in our world until we consciously identify work through and release. 

So like one of my clients who kept manifesting the same intimate relationships thinking it was because she only attracts 'bad boys' and can't 'keep a man' she discovered was an unconscious belief and old emotional trauma energy that was shaping her relationship reality. Upon identifying and releasing these her internal programming changed and she was able to manifest what she wanted. An honest, loving relationship. 

In my experience you must change your Karmic frequency in order to upgrade your Vibration in the moment. The only moment you truly have to affect anything! 

The past does not exist. The future has not happened yet. RIGHT? 

You may be wondering how I know this? 

Well 8 years ago I was at my lowest, in front line social work, stressed, anxious and unhealthy, manifesting situations where I didn't feel good enough, never got things right and was unconsciously manifesting this into my daily life. I was carrying a childhood full of physical and mental trauma to identify, heal and clear. There were times when I didn't even want to be here anymore! 

I sought the guidance of world class coaches, trainers and spiritual sages. Building on my 25 years of wisdom from years in children & families services and taking all that I have learned I am able to collapse time for you by offering you what I have transmuted into light. I am not just a guide but I live what I have learned daily. Just ask anyone who knows me. I am the light I wish to see in this world.  

I work with all clients using Quantum Energy Healing, Life Coaching, hypnotherapy, RCT, NLP, Yogic philosophy. I will guide your unconscious mind and higher self, who knows all, to identify your blocks, record them weekly and release them in a healing process. Removing the veil that keeps you from a new reality, in your moments now! 

I have guided this healing for myself, clients, friends, and am now purposed in this life to guide all that this resonates with ......to their healing and to their brightest LIGHT!


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