Yoga & Yogasanas

Yoga & Yogasanas

Yoga comprises several body postures, which are called yog-asanas in Sanskrit. Many people practice pranayama as part of their yogic exercise. In pranayama, people sit either cross-legged on the ground or in the chair and concentrate on their breathing. This calms the nervous system and regulates the hormones that cause Anxiety in the body. Connecting with the body, breathing and positive focus in the undertaking of yoga imparts people with day-long energy, vitality peace and calmness. 

Several yogasanas like halasana and shirshasana are proven to help people battle minor ailments like indigestion, mental stress, backache etc. 

cre8ing newly defined internal spaces, focussing on breath and doing so regularly aligns the body and the mind. I have yet to find anyone who has not gained some benefit from undertaking the practice of yoga. While yoga cannot replace traditional treatment techniques, I find it can be an excellent complement to existing physiotherapeutic guidance. 

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