Hi, I am Julie Jones*! 

Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher 200hrs. Qualified Personal Trainer, Group Physical Training Spin Instructor, Mindfulness practitioner, Accredited Elite Life Coach, Hyp. Diploma Hypnotherapist, Group Coach/Therapist, Qualified Social Worker 25 years & Practice Educator. ILM level 5 leadership & management. 

BUT please don't let all that put you off! I just love knowledge and learning and then serving people with what I experience & learn.  

SO most important of all........I am a HUMAN BEING ( not always doing!) and I am here to serve you!

FYI - I'm physically based in Newtown, Powys. Beautiful Mid-WALES.

I have had my own battle's with pain and inflammation in my body especially in my lumbar spine and via my sciatic nerves. This really affected my quality of life and mobility. Since practicing yoga I have developed many ways to improve my spine health and virtually eliminate my pain. My spine is younger now than it has been since my early 20's and definitely more mobile. 

You really are only as young as your spine is mobile!!

The regular meditation & breathwork practices that are part of my yoga teachings have reconnected me in my body again, which had become a place in which I did not like to dwell. Like many other people I lived in my head, riddled with self- doubt, limiting beliefs causing my body to be filled with unexplained pain, digestive problems aches & painful symptoms of which I had no real explanation for. 

Finding my YOGA TEACHER calling at age 49 years started my journey of discovery. I now know that my difficult & traumatic childhood, hugely responsible professional life, filled with stress, perpetuated cycles of negative life limiting beliefs and constant fear had left my autonomic nervous system in an ON position. Being ready to 'Fight, Flight or Freeze' with high levels of adrenaline and cortisol being pumped into my body had left me in a place of DIS-EASE, unwell both physically and mentally.    

Understanding these concepts & regularly practicing what I learned using a combination of Yogic Movement and Theory, Breathwork, Meditation, Mindfulness, Somatic Movement, Music, Neuro-linguistic programming & Hypnotherapy has cleared out my body of the energetic trauma buried there and stabilised my mental health.

These techniques have helped me so significantly I want to share the miracles these techniques offer, with my family, friends, neighbours, community & souls who need it! 

I know this is my calling, my JOY my life passion and purpose. I know my knowledge can help others with physical and emotional trauma and pain, who have become disassociated from their bodies as a result of the symptoms of pain and discomfort. Souls who need to reconnect, & re-engage with their 'SELF' finding peace, joy & love again. 

The therapy room & yoga studio is open for you. It will be my absolute pleasure to serve you.

If you read this, I encourage you to be BRAVE, take the next step to change your life. You have that power and ability within you. I would be honoured to help you!

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