If you have, like me, tried every 'Diet' under the sun and don't like your body, have disordered eating, have given up, or don't know what to do to change your relationship with food then HYPNO-SLIM course is for you!

HYPNO-Slim is an 9 week group therapy opportunity with additional top up weeks and the option of a further 1 to 1 Hypnosis Gastric Band operation. 

The 1 to 1 life coaching and hypnosis course runs from my studio in Newtown centre.

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or email me direct. It would be my pleasure to help you achieve your goals. 


have trouble leaving food on your plate?

eat emotionally when maybe you feel down, stressed or unhappy? 

ever reward yourself with food?

Are you constantly picking between main meals but you don't ever seem to feel full? 

find it very hard to say 'NO' to people as you feel guilty? 

want to look after your body but rarely do?

said ‘yes’ any of these questions you can start to realise it’s not all about food, right?

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