Soul Dance

Soul Dance

Soul Dance
per dance

Fully accessible venue & facilities.

Creative Stuff Newtown and Cre8 Wellbeing have a common aim and that is to cre8 more opportunities to share connection, healing and joy in our community in Newtown.

What better way to do this than with a SOUL DANCE. Combining the incredible talents of the Girls & Ladies DJ club Newtown, with the magic healing of Yogic dance.

Healing Soul Dance is £5 book in advance Only 20 Limited places Available

This is a JOYOUS dance & healing event, free from harmful substances. 

Renowned female DJ’s Gini and Sorelle on the decks playing uplifting disco, pop and reggae tunes.

Barefoot, freestyle dance, comfy clothes, relaxed loving atmosphere & move your body

Leave your problems ( and shoes) at the door.

A guided Chakra opening & healing dance is the pinnacle of the event approx. 40 mins led by Yoga & meditation Teacher Julie J*

A Cocoa Ceremony kicks it off followed by the unified drinking of Ceremonial grade Cocoa to heighten your experience and ease the healing. Later sample a cup of 3 ingredient Dave’s Blossom Honey Mead (alcohol content 14%) is also offered for it’s relaxation and healing purposes for a small £1 donation.

Most of us grew up loving chocolate, but never learned about the deeper potential that can be a powerful plant medicine. It is a gentle, & accessible way to enhance our spiritual practices, daily rituals & deeper healing work. 

Optional Dave's local Honey Mead is not distilled but allowed to ‘brew’ with natural ingredients. It therefore maintains it’s honey properties which are well known to encourage healing inside and outside the body.

The full details of the evening are sent with your confirmation booking.  

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