Wellness Events

Wellness Events

Wellness Events

Are you organising a wellness inspired event? Corporate Wellness Day, Hen Party or Dance Party. Do you want something just that bit different? Strangely Good for you & unforgettable- life changing even?

Do you need an experienced wellbeing presenter/expert with energy, vitality?

A life guide that can invigorate your participants with the newest psycho-somatic and quantum science saturating them with wellbeing ideas that will dynamize?

Then I am your local GO TO gal!

I am a qualified Elite Life Coach, physical training, and group mindful coach. I teach mindfulness & meditation practices, teach yoga, chair yoga and other yogic stretch, balance, strength & tone movements. Using qualifications as a Hypnotherapist & NLP practitioner I teach emotion & trauma release through somatic breath, bodywork and energy practices.  

I really do have a box of educational, fun, relaxing and engaging MIND & BODY tools to transform, guide & support your GROUP/EVENT/WORK/SOCIAL

I always provide BONUS takeaway health and wellbeing tips and tricks & mp3 & mp4 links. 

Let's connect and cre8 something fabulous to serve your/OUR community.

Interesting List of possibilities:

EFT Tapping & Meditations

Mindfulness techniques. 

Experiential & Somatic Anxiety and stress relief techniques. 

Guided Group NLP transformational confidence, self esteem & self love boosts

Guided meditations future timelines travel 

Hypno-Slim Hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions. 1to1 Groups (up to 9 week course)

Private Yoga Class ( Chair or Mat) including equipment, music, candles & mindfulness/Breathwork & Meditation. 

Guided Manifestation Sessions

Chakra Cleansing Soul Dance with DJ music, Cocoa Ceremony & Meditation. 

Teach yourself to sleep hypnosis. 

One to one energetic emotional blocks identified & Released. 

Chakra Cleansing & Light Bodies Activation. 

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