Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Yoga Class
per Session

All ability mat Yoga class Tuesday 6.15-7.15 pm 

New Class for new starters Tuesday 6.15 - 7.15pm 

Price £7 per session press BOOK and PICK Tuesday 


or 6.15pm 

I will confirm your place in a confirmation email. I will provide BACs details for you to pay online. 

You can also send me a message if you would like to. 

Tuesday class is All ability yoga with guided mindful meditation. Yoga poses (asanas) mindfully connecting with the body to gently stretch the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia of the body incorporating breathwork to calm the autonomic nervous system to relieve stress & tension & improve lung function connecting you again with your body. 

If you live 'in your head' and have symptoms or pain reconnecting with your body and where the pain is will guide you to a resolution. CAUTION!!! 

You will sleep well after this class!

I incorporate relaxing music and sweet smelling candles or incense to heighten your experiences. Some props and mats are supplied until you love it so much you buy your own! 

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