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PURE Chair Yoga class. Disability or less mobile yoga Monday daytimes in the Mill Close Community Centre. Newtown. SY162QF

Price £7 per session press BOOK and pick Monday 12.00 until 1.15 pm.

Or NEW class Friday 1230pm weekly. £7 Same venue. press BOOK and choose Friday. 

I will confirm your place in a confirmation email. I will provide BACs details for you to pay online a day in advance of class.

You can also send me a message if you would like to.

Chair Yoga incorporates gentle stretches to aid those with limited mobility, pre/post operation, arthritis, stiff joints don't like floor work, suffer with vertigo. Creates space in the joints, relieves tightness in the ligaments, vertebrae of the spine & alleviates back pain. Incorporating breathwork to calm the autonomic nervous system to relieve stress & tension & improve lung function connecting you again with your body. If you live 'in your head' and have symptoms or pain, reconnecting with your body, and where the pain is in the body will guide you to a resolution.

I gift you with relaxing music and sweet smelling candles or incense to heighten your experiences. Some props and mats are supplied until you love it so much you buy your own!

COME & ENJOY some dedicated YOU TIME!

Limited spaces please book a chair or at @Cre8WellbeingYoga

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